About Bocky & Moo

Welcome to Bocky & Moo, my name is Chontelle.   I am a stay at home mum to two sets of boy/girl twins, based in Perth, Western Australia.

Growing up on a farm as a child, I was fortunate to experience and appreciate the farm and country lifestyle, something that not all children are able to enjoy.  I have fond memories of playing outside with my brother and sister building cubby houses, riding bikes, catching tadpoles and frogs in the creek, helping my dad in the shearing shed, feeding the sheep and I especially loved playing with our red cloud kelpie (when she was off duty, of course).  It has always been a passion of mine to ensure my children learnt about the farm way of life despite living in the city.  I have sourced some amazing educational toys, books and puzzles to help your little ones learn about farm animals and machinery whilst they are developing important physical and cognitive skills, including their hand-eye co-ordination, improving memory and problem solving, learning their colours, patterns and shapes as well as nurturing and growing their imaginations. 

The name Bocky & Moo has come from me teaching my children that a chicken says "bock bock bock" and a cow says "moooooo".  My older twins still call a chicken a "bocky" and a cow is still a "moo", more so now as we teach the younger twins the sounds that the farm animals make.

I hope you enjoy your experience at Bocky & Moo, please come back and visit again soon.

Chontelle  xx