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Apple Park Book 1 - 4 Collection

Apple Park


Apple Park Book Collection - Books 1-4

Book 1 Picnic Pals

Through their adventures, the Picnic Pals teach children about the environment, living a healthy lifestyle and the value of friendship. The Apple Park Picnic Pals is the first book in the series and it introduces each Picnic Pal in their environment on their way to their first picnic!

Book 2 Bunny's Garden

Bunny's Garden is the second book in the Apple Park series. Through helping Bunny plant a garden, the Picnic Pals show how seeds grow into plants, which can be made into all sorts of delicious and healthy foods. Through the experience, the Picnic Pals learn how fun and rewarding it is to help your friends.

Book 3 Who Lives in the Woods

Who is afraid of the dark? Who's not! In the third book of the Apple Park series, Who Lives in the Woods, the Picnic Pals meet a new friend while camping at Cubby's home in the forest. An adorable night-loving owl, named Who, convinces Lamby and the other Picnic Pals that there is nothing to be afraid of in the dark.

Book 4 Ducky's Pond

In Ducky’s Pond, the fourth book in the Apple Park series, Ducky shows the Picnic Pals just how much fun the water can be - learning to swim, splashing and playing, exploring new habitats, and making friends with many water critters big and small.

These board books are printed on FSC certified paper ( Forest Stewardship Council ), with soy ink.